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December 20

We are thrilled to list the Ferrari Enzo for sale being named in the top 10 of the worlds best hypercars of 2020.

Ferrari Enzo listed by Latimore Motors

October 20

From $60K to $4M: Top 35 exotic sports cars you can buy today

The 35 best exotic cars: from supercars to affordable sports coupes under $100,000. Latimore Motor’s Ferrari F40 proudly features in this James Edition article along side a range of exotic supercars.

August 20

Top 10 Most Expensive Ferrari Cars in the World 2020

What are the most expensive Ferraris in the world in 2020? James Edition has listed the 10 highest-priced supercar examples, rare sports cars and classic vehicles, featuring Latimore Motors. See link below.

1991 Ferrari F40
Latimore Motors Listing – James Edition Jul20

April 20

January 20

Ferrari 488 GTB 70th Anniversary
Listed by Latimore Motors

December 19

Porsche 911 GT2
Listed by Latimore Motors

November 19

Ferrari F8 Spider

Ferrari unveils F8 Spider, a new generation drop-top sports car equipped with the most successful mid-rear-mounted v8 in history. The F8 spider replaces the 488 Spider, boasting an engine that delivers an extra 50 cv. The new Ferrari is also 20kg lighter than its predecessor, weighing just 20kg more than the more extreme 488 Pista Spider.

Full article –

October 19

1967 Ford Mustang
Listed by Latimore Motors

September 19

2006 Ferrari Enzo
Listed by Latimore Motors